June 2024

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The International Publication Of The Packaged Ice Industry

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Ice World Journal (IWJ), was started by the Regional Council of all ice associations in 1998 to bring the industry’s associations and members closer together, to allow all association members to benefit from the information that the others offered to their members and, at the same time, help the suppliers to the associations, who are all strong supporters of our associations, by not forcing them to advertise in eight different publications. For the last several years, I would like to think that IWJ has accomplished this mission very well.

Ice World Journal is the premier publication for the packaged ice industry. It is the compendium of the major North American, European, and Australasian association’s news. Nowhere else can you see the decision-makers in our industry as well as read the important news and happenings inside and outside your area. We are truly part of the industry because we are the publication of the Regional Council of ice associations.

Our mission is to support and further the progress and growth of the packaged ice industry; to partner with industry players to promote best practices and the achievement of business goals, and be both a catalyst and facilitator for success.

To fulfill this mission, our commitment to the industry is to maintain the highest quality by meeting the highest standards including:

  • Editorial excellence and integrity.
  • Authoritative reporting on national and international events.
  • The what’s new, Industry Updates section where we highlight the industry’s new products and important people happenings.
  • Outstanding articles on Food Safety, Business Development, and Marketing written by the country’s recognized experts.
  • Educational articles and relevant networking event reporting.
  • Meeting schedules announcements and post-meeting reports.
  • Responsiveness to industry needs.
  • Prompt and professional customer service.
  • Overall, a value you can trust.

As IWJ continues into its 3rd decade of publication we ask you, our readers, to enjoy reading and to consider submitting an article that you consider both interesting and important to other ice association members. If you are a supplier member of an association, we ask you to please consider advertising in Ice World and support the industry and help keep Ice World the premier publication for the packaged ice industry. With consolidation within the industry continuing at a fast pace it’s more important than ever to take this important opportunity to tell the industry what you do and how they can contact you.

If you have any questions, please call or email me at (800) 528-6679 or billb@graphicvisions.com.

Thank you.

Bill Bentley
Editor, Ice World Journal

Ice World Journal, the official publication of the International Packaged Ice Industry, is published quarterly under the auspices of the Regional Council of the Packaged Ice Industry by:

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