October 2021

IPIA | Executive Director’s Corner – December 2016

January 2017 Jane McEwen

[avatar user=”janemcewen” size=”160″ align=”left”]Jane McEwen Executive Director of the International Packaged Ice Association[/avatar] 2016 seemed to fly as the years do the older one gets. Or so they say. And the year came to a close with yet another very successful annual convention, our 99th! The summer season was prosperous and hectic for so many of you. Thus, our host [read more]

EPIA | Managing Director’s Report – December 2016

January 2017 Stan Williams

[avatar user=”stanwilliams” size=”160″ align=”left”]Stan Williams Managing Director of the European Packaged Ice Association[/avatar] I want to thank every person that attended the EPIA convention in Granada this year. We had a wonderful turnout that exceeded 110 attendees. We now have more members from more countries than ever before. Our membership reach now extends to 29 countries and includes 60 producers [read more]

PIAA | Chief Executive Officer’s Report – December 2016

January 2017 Gary Wing

[avatar user=”garywing” size=”160″ align=”left”]Gary Wing Chief Executive Officer of the Packaged Ice Association of Australasia, Inc.[/avatar] Ice World Journal Report December 2016 “Bring on Summer”   Well after one of the wettest, windiest and most stormy winters on record in South Australia and most of the southern region of Australia we are looking forward to a warm and fruitful Summer, [read more]

IPIA | Plant Operations Committee – December 2016

January 2017 Jeff Messerschmitt

[avatar user=”jeffmesserschmitt” size=”160″ align=”left”]Jeff Messerschmitt Plant Operation Committee Chair of The International Packaged Ice Association[/avatar] Making A Case for X-ray Systems Packagers And Processors Are Moving From Metal Detection To X-Ray. In recent years, food processors have been switching from metal detection to X-ray systems for multiple reasons. First is the growing use of metalized film and foil, or other [read more]

NIA | Chairman’s Message – December 2016

January 2017 Bruce Hanson

[avatar user=”brucehanson” size=”160″ align=”left”]Bruce J. Hanson Chairman of the Northeastern Ice Association[/avatar] Anyone that missed our fall convention in Annapolis, MD, really missed out on a great time had by everyone! Not only did we have great weather but our meetings, tours and speakers were VERY educational. I would like to thank our suppliers for their presence and support of [read more]

Volume 18, Issue 4, Fourth Quarter 2016

January 2017 Bill Bentley

In This Issue… Volume 18, Issue 4 • Fourth Quarter 2016 Editorials How Do You Know You’re On The Right Road? What Genuinely Confident People Do Differently New Overtime Rules Suspended For Now The Basics Of Property Insurance If Your Business Is Hit By A Hurricane International Packaged Ice Association (IPIA) IPIA | Chairman’s Message – Looking Forward To Our [read more]

How Do You Know You’re On The Right Road? – December 2016

January 2017 Bill Bentley

[avatar user=”williambentley” size=”160″ align=”left”]Bill Bentley Editor-in-Chief[/avatar] Researchers indicate there are at least five common characteristics shared by the very successful. The most often cited are: A Positive mental attitude Goal-directed behavior Self-motivation A sense of Urgency The desire to never stop Learning I hope you agree with the list. And, there is great news about these characteristics. You don’t have [read more]

NIA | Warren Pierce Achievement Award – December 2016

January 2017 Walter Ribeiro, Sr.

“On behalf of my father and myself, I would like to extend a warm and sincere thank you to the members of the Northeastern Ice Association. It was our honor to be the first time Father/Son recipients of the Warren Pierce Achievement Award. This award recognizes outstanding personal dedication & advancement to the Ice Industry, which to us, has been [read more]

If Your Business is Hit By A Hurricane – December 2016

January 2017 Bill Bentley

If your business is hit by a hurricane, windstorm, blizzard, or other natural disaster, or if it falls victim to arson or terrorism, you might have to close up shop for a while. As a result, you could suffer a major loss of income. Types of Coverage Here are some basic types of business interruption coverage: Named Perils Policies, which [read more]

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