September 2021

Please Tell Me Why Is Ice Slippery?

July 2019 Stan Williams

We, as members of the EPIA, are all ice men and women in one way or another. Some of us administer the operation of the association, others build the machines and materials needed to produce packaged ice, while others perform the actual manufacturing and distribution of packaged ice. Therefore we should know a little or even a lot about the [read more]

EPIA | Managing Director’s Report – June 2019

July 2019 Stan Williams

Bilbao Convention 7-10 October 2019 We are getting ready to present some innovative ideas for our next convention in Bilbao, Spain. As the official association for packaged ice in Europe, the EPIA has now been serving ice producers, ice equipment manufacturers, and packaged ice supplies producers for over ten years. Our mission has not wavered since those early days but [read more]