April 2023

EPIA | Managing Director’s Report – October 2019

October 2019 Stan Williams

Bilbao, Spain October 2019 As the official association for packaged ice in Europe, the EPIA has now been serving ice producers, ice manufacturing equipment producers, and packaged ice supplies producers for over ten years. Our mission has not waivered since those early days but has been crystallized and focused to provide the most positive face for the ice industry in [read more]

The EPIA Must “Own” the Packaged Ice Industry in Europe

October 2019 Stan Williams

The concept of “ownership” began all the way back to the point when creatures from the sea began to inhabit the land. Most animals are inherently territorial. They will claim any desirable territory as their own and then defend and protect it when challenged. Long before there were towns, cities, and countries, there were groups of humans who banded together [read more]