March 2021

EPIA | Chairman’s Report – April 2020

April 2020 Jack Stensland

Dear fellow icemen, icewomen and all EPIA members, Our packaged ice association, the EPIA, is not merely a social club, but is the extended family made up of responsible packaged ice producers, distributors, and all member companies providing the items that make ice production possible. Your elected Board of Directors has the responsibility to guide the EPIA actions to help [read more]

EPIA | Managing Director’s Report – April 2020

April 2020 Stan Williams

Coronavirus Wreaks Havoc for the European Packaged Ice Association Today the package ice industry in Europe is being severely challenged by this COVID-19 pandemic. Not just our industry, but virtually all industries are about to be stressed to extreme limits. The ice sales season is concentrated in a short period of months during the summer. Sure there are other times [read more]