December 2020

IPIA | Executive Director’s Corner – March 2017

May 2017 Jane McEwen

[avatar user=”janemcewen” size=”160″ align=”left”]Jane McEwen Executive Director of the International Packaged Ice Association[/avatar] The winter/spring IPIA Board meeting was held this past February at the Hyatt Huntington Beach Resort in California where everyone got to see and enjoy first hand this lovely resort on the Pacific ocean, host site for out upcoming Centennial convention. As appropriate, the resort is elegantly [read more]

IPIA | Membership Committee – March 2017

May 2017 Sean Odom

[avatar user=”seanodom” size=”160″ align=”left”]Sean Odom Membership Committee Chair of the International Packaged Ice Association[/avatar] How hard is it to become an IPIA member? Well… it depends on a few things such as how bad do you want to be one as a part of a group of Ice professionals that value food safety for their own businesses and the industry? [read more]

Made-in-America is Good in Today’s Business Climate

May 2017 Bill Bentley

Republicans and Democrats don’t seem to agree on much. But 95% of voters — regardless of which U.S. presidential candidate they favor — support American-made products. The vast majority of Americans also favor training programs, trade enforcement, tax incentives and a national strategy to support U.S. manufacturing, according to the Alliance for American Manufacturing. This organization is a not-for-profit, nonpartisan [read more]

IPIA | Associate Member Report – March 2017

May 2017 Donald Hutton

[avatar user=”donaldhutton” size=”160″ align=”left”]Donald Hutton Associate Member Conference Chair of the International Packaged Ice Association[/avatar] Spring has finally arrived! It has been a busy winter for a lot of suppliers with several regional conventions, board meetings and the PCQI trainings put on by the IPIA. It is great to see suppliers participating in the PCQI trainings, gaining valuable information for [read more]

Monopolistic Competition

May 2017 Bill Bentley

You know how they say down at the seminar, “It’s all about quality, service, and price?” Well, it isn’t – it’s about price, product, and sales activities. Somewhere along the line, many of us took Econ 101 and we bought into the simplistic fiction that “as price goes down, demand goes up.” And, “as price goes up, demand goes down.” [read more]

IPIA | Chairman’s Message – March 2017

May 2017 Dann Ades

Our Common Interest! [avatar user=”dannades” size=”160″ align=”left”]Dann Ades Chairman of the International Packaged Ice Association[/avatar] Spring has sprung! All the winter maintenance and projects will start to pay-off soon. As I travelled this year to the Regional association meetings, much talk was about FDA- FSMA, projects, maintenance and being ready for the summer season. We Ice guys understand the importance [read more]

IPIA | Public Affairs Committee – March 2017

May 2017 Dann Ades

[avatar user=”chrislamond” size=”160″ align=”left”]Chris Lamond Consultant for IPIA[/avatar] [avatar user=”dannades” size=”160″ align=”left”]Dan Ades Public Affairs Committee Chair[/avatar] How Will the Trump Administration’s View of Government Regulation Impact the IPIA? The title of this article poses a question that is critical to the success of the IPIA’s Public Affairs program. As you will recall from the last edition, I listed the [read more]

Factoring Uncertainty into the Value of Your Business

May 2017 Bill Bentley

Businesses currently face numerous uncertainties in the marketplace. As President Trump and Republican congressional leaders work toward fulfilling their campaign promises, tax laws could substantially change, the estate tax could be repealed, and various laws and regulations (including the Dodd-Frank and Affordable Care Acts) could be repealed or revised. Interest rates and inflation could both rise. Economic relationships with other countries could [read more]

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